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2017-18 Half-Yearly Review

Strong finances into the future

The 2017-18 Half-Yearly Review builds on the State’s strong track record of responsible financial management, successful asset recycling and commitment to vital infrastructure and frontline services for the people of NSW.

A surplus of $3.3 billion and average surpluses of $2.1 billion are forecast over the budget year and the forward estimates. At June 2017, General Government sector net debt was a record low of negative $9.3 billion.

Date: 14 December 2017
NSW increases surplus

NSW increases surplus

The NSW Government continues to secure the state’s economic future with Treasurer Dominic Perrottet’s release of the Total State Sector Accounts (TSSA) detailing the 2016-17 budget result.

The TSSA showed a $5.7 billion surplus in 2016-17, an improvement of $1.2 billion from the forecast position in the 2017-18 Budget. 

Date: 24 October 2017
Mapping the NSW Budget

NSW communities on the map

The NSW Government is investing $72.7 billion over four years in infrastructure – including $22.3 billion in 2017-18.

To illustrate what that investment means for every community, NSW Treasury has created an interactive map of projects across the state, a map that can be as local or as big-picture as you want it to be.

Within NSW Treasury’s budget group, a small team works purely on infrastructure. The team members have combined their detailed budget knowledge with their love of clarity. 

Date: 20 September 2017
Endeavour Energy - Poles and wires

That’s a wrap for poles and wires

The State’s electricity networks transactions program, spearheaded by a team from NSW Treasury, has wrapped up with the partial long-term lease of Endeavour Energy to an Australian-led consortium, Advance Energy, for $7.624bn.

Premier Gladys Berejiklian and Treasurer Dominic Perrottet made the announcement on 11 May 2017 with the funds raised from the third and final poles and wires transaction lifting the total gross proceeds from the networks asset recycling program to $34.1 billion.

Date: 15 May 2017
NSW Treasury website screenshot

New Treasury website

Welcome to the new NSW Treasury website. 

Our site has been developed in response to feedback from our partners across the NSW public sector. 

In creating it, we wanted to deliver a more intuitive, easier to navigate site that helps explain what NSW Treasury does and how we enable the government of the day to deliver on its promises to the people of NSW.

Date: 27 March 2017
Affordable homes

Innovative approach to deliver 2,000 social and affordable homes

NSW Treasury and Family and Community Services (FACS) have awarded five new contracts set to deliver more than 2000 affordable, new homes.

The contracts mark the first phase of the Social and Affordable Housing Fund. The SAHF initiative will set up a fund dedicated to creating housing for low-income earners, the SAHF Special Deposit Account, with up to $1 billion.

Date: 27 March 2017
Cost Benefit

Ensuring great value for the people of NSW: Treasury’s new way of assessing cost and benefit

One of the important roles NSW Treasury plays is measuring the impact of the state’s projects, programs and policies. And once we’ve found a way to measure the economic and social benefits, our Treasury economists and financial analysts look for ways to improve on the gauges and formulas they use.

It’s not easy, but weighing up risks and benefits versus costs is critical to ensuring the NSW Government delivers the best possible outcomes for the people of NSW.

Date: 27 March 2017