Capital planning submissions to Treasury are composed of three main elements: the Capital Investment Plan (CIP) data submission for all agencies and PNFCs, the Asset Strategy for nominated agencies and PNFCs, and the Asset Utilisation and Recycling Plan (AURP) for all agencies.

1. Capital Investment Plan (CIP)

The CIP data submission comprises Emerging Project, Budget Proposal and existing Capital Projects provided through the State’s financial management system (Prime). This information is used to prepare agency, cluster and whole of government level CIPs, which provide a summary of the total capital investment commitments and intentions over a 10-year time frame.

2. Asset strategy

The Asset strategy is a top level strategic plan for the principal department / agency to demonstrate the relationship between the performance of its physical asset portfolio and the services it delivers. Only nominated agencies and Public Non-Financial Corporations (PNFCs) are required to submit Asset Strategies.

For an updated list of nominated agencies and PNFCs see Nominated Agencies and Public Non-Financial Corporations.

3. Asset Utilisation and Recycling Plan

The AURP outlines an agencies ownership of real property, utilisation metrics and property disposal plans. Agencies are required to submit an AURP as part of the annual capital planning submission and with any request to ERC for new or increased capital expenditure. Agencies should work with Property NSW when preparing and submitting an AURP.

Last updated: 08/08/2017