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Treasurer's Directions - Gold Book

The ‘Gold Book’ - Treasurer's Directions 92.2, 88.2 and 89.1 (section 469 of the Gold Book) continue to operate. These were part of the Gold Book but were not repealed because of a lack of other clear government policy in the area. They remain in force and should be followed as government policy.

Category: Treasurer's Directions Date: 04 June 2019 Status: Current

Update on the status of Treasurer’s directions since the GSF Act commenced

This update provides details on the current status of Treasurer’s directions issued prior to the commencement of the Government Sector Finance Act 2018 (GSF Act).

Category: Treasurer's Directions Date: 17 April 2019

Treasurer's Directions template - Attachment 1

This template is an editable document that sets out the required format and information when drafting a Treasurer’s direction.

Category: Treasurer's Directions Date: 02 April 2019 Status: Current

Last updated: 14/05/2019