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Weekly Economic Calendar

This Calendar shows future release dates of key economic data and publications used by NSW Treasury for monitoring and analysis.

Category: General Date: 20 May 2019 Status: Current

Weekly Market Wrap

Weekly economic and financial market information.

Category: General Date: 17 May 2019 Status: Current

Recurrent Expenditure Assurance Framework - A Quick Reference Guide

This quick reference guide provides a high level introduction and overview of NSW Treasury’s Recurrent Expenditure Assurance Framework (REAF) which was approved by Government in February 2017. Treasury Policy Papers TPP17-01 NSW Gateway Policy and TPP19-03 Recurrent Expenditure Assurance Framework should be consulted for details.

Category: General Date: 02 May 2019

General Government Financial Statement - 31 March 2019

This monthly statement is released in compliance with Section 8 of the Public Finance and Audit Act 1983. That section requires budget time projections and year-to-date balances for the major general government sector aggregates disclosed in the Budget to be published for each month.

Category: Financial Reports Date: 30 April 2019 Status: Current

Update on the status of Treasurer’s directions since the GSF Act commenced

This update provides details on the current status of Treasurer’s directions issued prior to the commencement of the Government Sector Finance Act 2018 (GSF Act).

Category: Treasurer's Directions Date: 17 April 2019

Treasurer's Directions template - Attachment 1

This template is an editable document that sets out the required format and information when drafting a Treasurer’s direction.

Category: Treasurer's Directions Date: 02 April 2019 Status: Current

Treasurer's Directions Guidelines

This paper sets out Treasury’s arrangements for developing and issuing Treasurer’s Directions to the NSW Government Sector under the Government Sector Finance Act 2018. It includes information regarding the process, minimum requirements And Treasury’s approach to best practice for developing and issuing Directions.

Category: Treasurer's Directions Date: 02 April 2019 Status: Current

GSF Act: Agency Action List

This is a detailed action list for agency to assist with implementing the reform associated with the Government Sector Finance Act 2018 (GSF Act). The action items are designed to facilitate agency led reform, collaboration across clusters and with Treasury customer relationship managers.

Category: General Date: 02 April 2019 Status: Current

GSF Act: Implications for State Owned Corporations

This table provides contextual information regarding provisions of the GSF Act that commenced in Dec 2018 and what the implications are for State Owned Corporations.

Category: General Date: 02 April 2019 Status: Current

TC19-05 Agency guidelines for the 2018-19 Mandatory Annual Returns to Treasury

This circular explains the mandatory elements of the Annual Return Procedures for 2018-19.

Category: Treasury Circulars Date: 02 April 2019 Status: Current

Last updated: 14/05/2019