Outcome Budgeting is a new way of budgeting from a citizen’s perspective, first announced in Budget 2017-18. The result of an Outcome Budgeting approach is that the Government can focus on the best way to achieve outcomes for the people of NSW. This approach puts the needs of the people at the centre of investment decision making. 

The entire State spending has been mapped across 46 State Outcomes that the NSW Government wants to achieve for its citizens. Outcome Indicators have been assigned to every State Outcome to track the progress that the Government is making in achieving them. 

The NSW Outcome Budgeting model builds on Treasury’s experience in commissioning outcomes, international evidence and experience in moving towards performance budgeting. We’ve also looked at best practice examples from countries such as Canada, UK, New Zealand, USA and the Commonwealth Government. Outcome Budgeting will not only change policy and processes in the NSW Government but will also transform the practices of the public sector to deliver more tangible and meaningful results to the public. 

This budgeting approach will encourage public sector agencies and service providers to coordinate and collaborate with each other so that resources are optimally pooled and programs appropriately targeted to inclusively service the needs of everyone across NSW’s communities. 

The NSW Budget website provides an interactive tool to allow citizens to understand how the Government is investing in and performing against State Outcomes. The tool can be accessed here: www.budget.nsw.gov.au/outcome-budgeting

Last updated: 10/07/2018