Author: Sarah Hurcombe

We’ve started a Commissioning Community of Practice blog to share learning, to open up dialogue beyond our walls and seek feedback on our commissioning approach from other government agencies, non-government partners and community. 

The Commissioning NSW team here at Treasury (previously called the Commissioning and Contestability Unit) was established three years ago to be a centre of excellence to support the adoption of commissioning approaches across NSW government. In this time we’ve worked side by side with many government agencies to support the commissioning projects they’re undertaking – all focused on improving the outcomes of the people of NSW. 

One of the things we were tasked with as a team was to capture lessons learned by agencies across government as they applied a commissioning approach to the design, delivery and management of public service systems. This blog is an additional channel for us and our partners to share lessons learned as NSW government applies commissioning approaches to ever more public service systems.

We’re not the first team in NSW government to make a commitment to blog but for us and for NSW Treasury it’s a new way of working and we’re hoping you will find something of value in our approach. We’re excited to join a growing group of government bloggers across the world committed to working in the open and we look forward to your constructive feedback and challenge as we go. 

We’re also keen for others in the commissioning ecosystem to share their own thoughts on this blog and welcome Commissioning Community of Practice members to reach out if you’d like to share your own learning and experiences of applying commissioning in the NSW context. 

Details on how to join our Community of Practice can be found here.

If you would like to contribute an article or discuss more about anything we’ve blogged about please contact us at